Abiodun Mustapha

Abiodun Mustapha is a mind-blowing inspirational speaker and author, who helps people live a purposeful, productive and profitable life. This he does through his speaking, training, coaching and writing. He is intentional about seeing young people live to become who they have been created to be.

He has a Bachelor and Masters in Computer Science from Abeokuta, Nigeria and is a certified business trainer and coach.

He is the visioner of the impact-focused community, Purpose Network and convener of the city-to-city event, Purpose Hangout which has impacted vast
majority of young people in Nigeria. This has led to many being able to find, fuel and fulfill their life’s purposes. He is the host of the online programme,
Growth Hub Africa with a large community base in Africa.

Abiodun has been inspired to write books such as 30 Lessons Life Taught Me Before 30, Making Productive Impact in your NYSC Year, When Life
Makes Sense, From Why to Wealth and Chastity for Young Leaders which have caused remarkable transformation of mindset amidst a number of young people.

He is the Lead Consultant at Visionhouse Consulting Firm and a member of the Association of Computing Machinery, New York.

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